"Fuckin look at these fuckin filthy convicts strutin around like they own the place"

Wayno the Sasquatch
Species Sasquatch
Gender Male
Hair Grey Body Hair

Place of Birth


Occupation Unemployed
Family None
First Appearance "The Volcano Bong "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "The Volcano Bong " to Present

Wayno is a lifelong friend of Sassy the Sasquatch and is recurring character on The Big Lez Show. Wayno carries remarkably similar facial features as Donny.

Along with Scruffy he is one of the three lesser-recurring characters, namely Sasquatches. He is most likely the oldest Sasquatch, as the others treat him with respect (plus he has a walking cane). Wayno swears quite a lot.


Not much of Wayno is actually seen during the invasion as he did not go with Sassy, Donny and Lez to the Pacific Ocean to end up on Choomah Island. Nor did he go to see Lez's home planet but he did get arrested and sent to prison with Sassy, Scruffy and Owl. He also joined the others for the battle of Brown Town in which he used a shotgun to aid Scruffy, Donny and Sergio in saving Warning Guy from a pack of choomah's.He was subsequently saved along with the others by Noelzy in a Helicopter. He makes a return in Choomah Island 2. He spreads his wisdom during the Blue Mean Eyes scene. He also appears in the final battle against the Choomahs, where he uses a Blunderbuss to kill some Choomahs.