The Timeline is a series of significant events that took place throughout The Big Lez Show, listed in chronological order.

Original TimelineEdit

  • 1950s
    • Doctor C had been working on a formula for King Larrinox meant for creating 'super soldiers'.
    • Doctor C had been sent far away from Kingdom Cum after turning into a potadahead as he touched the formula.
    • King Larrinox was to decide the new heir to the throne by the next day.
    • Leslie Mackerel and Norton Sparkles had been banished from Kingdom Cum, after they unintentionally destroyed Horizons End City because they roofied each others drinks in an attempt to make each other loose the chance to rule over Kingdom Cum.
    • The day after Lez and Norton got banished, there was a Choomah outbreak which lead to the destruction of Kingdom Cum.
  • 1952-1962
    • At an unknown time Lez and Norton's space shuttle crash-landed in Australia and they went their separate ways.
  • 1970s
    • Clarence's shuttle finally crashed on Choomah Island.
  • 2000s
    • During the night, Lez discovered Quinton as an abandoned baby at his front doorstep and decided to raise him as his own.
  • 2012 - Present
    • Events in the series take place.
  • 2063
    • The Gamma Max 2063 V2.0 Platinum Edition was invented.

Alternate TimelineEdit

  • 2014/2015
    • Sassy stated to Lez in the Original Timeline that if Lez had only shot Norton once in self defense, that two weeks later, Norton instead would have been bitten by a brown snake as he was gardening and ended up dying anyway. It is unknown whether this is true or if Sassy had just been tripping out.