"They're Back" is the first episode of Season 2 of The Big Lez Show. It aired on March 4, 2013.

They're Back
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date March 4, 2013


Written By

Ideas and Characters

Jarrad Wright

Izak Whear

Jarrad Wright

Tom Hollis

Location Brown Town
Views 482,587 (3 October 2014)

Plot and SynopsisEdit


Season 2 starts off with Lez running into Season 1's intro sign, but failing to break through it because the creators of the sign made it out of some "unbreakable matter from outer space". Sassy comes along and calls for Donny to help open it. Other Season 1 characters come out and begin talking, until Clarence finds out that the door has been locked the entire time. He unlocks it, and Lez opens it, taking Clarence with it.


A high pitched ringing noise rings for several seconds. Lez awakens to find Ellis Warnington trying to wake him up. When Lez comes to his senses, he sees Choomahs attacking Brown Town. The camera zooms out to find that Lez's project, his spaceship, has crashed and is badly wrecked.

A Few Weeks Earlier

Lez is outside at his mailbox when when he spots Norton outside his house tending to his flowers. He pulls out a letter and walks up to Norton. He asks what it is, and Norton replies it's an invitation to his birthday party. Norton replies it's not for him, it's for Quinton.

Downstairs in Lez's basement, Mike Nolan is working on the spaceship. Lez exclaims that he didn't get invited to Norton's party, and then Mike reveals he got an invitation, which pisses Lez off.

Back upstairs, Quinton and Lez are sitting down inside their kitchen, when Lez hands Quintons birthday invite to him. Lez is still angry about not being invited. Lez decides to go outside and talk to Sassy. Apparently, Sassy got invited and he doesn't even know what it is. In Lez's rage, he revs up his lawnmower, and drives it over Norton's flowers.