"The Trippa Snippa" is the second episode of Season 2 of The Big Lez Show. It aired on March 13, 2013. The Trippa Snippa is said by the community to be one of the funniest Big Lez Show episode.

The Trippa Snippa
Season 2, Episode 2
Air Date March 13, 2013


Written By

Ideas and Characters

Jarrad Wright

Izak Whear

Jarrad Wright

Tom Hollis

Location Leslie's House
Views 947,828 (10 January 2015)

Plot and SynopsisEdit

Charles Charlington, a new character, appears and states he is the storyteller/narrator of the Big Lez Show. He explains that he will tell you the story of Leslie's epiphany with one of Sassy's newly invented foods, called "The Trippa Snippa Sandwhich".

One morning, Lez awakens to find Sassy at his front door trying to sell him his latest food, called the Trippa Snippa. Lez takes a bite and enjoys it. To Lez's disbelief, Sassy states that the sandwich contains illicit drugs, chemicals, chicken and petrol. He also exclaims that it was originally called the Trippa Snippa because "it trips you the fuck out, and your whole life gets snipped from reality. Plus you hear the sound of a whippers-nipper in the back of your head, for like, 7 hours or so". Lez then proceeds to trip out into a whole new reality.

In his visions he sees his brother Norton, the deceased Bumble Brutus, Quinton and Sassy. He wakes up to then find out he's been out for 11 days.