"The Big Lez Doco" is a documentry detailing the origins of The Big Lez Show by interviewing it's three creators (Jarrad Wright, Izak Whear and Tom Hollis). It aired on August 20, 2014.

The Big Lez Doco
Air Date August 20, 2014




Jaykowa Hockings

Michelle McGilvray

Producer Natalie Howatson
Views 5,159 (3 October 2014)

Video DescriptionEdit

Since it’s humble beginning in 2012 as somewhat of an inside joke animated solely on Microsoft paint, ‘The Big Lez Show ‘ has inherited a rapidly growing fan base of roughly 300,000 people. This documentary details the inner workings of the mischievous trio of creators from Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.

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Sleepwalker - Parkway Drive
Wild Eyes - Parkway Drive

Archival Footage from the TV Series 'Seinfeld'.

Director - Jaykowa Hockings
Editor/Sound Recordist - Michelle McGilvray
Producer - Natalie Howatson