Sergio Warnington
Sergio W-0
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Place of Birth Kingdom Cum
Occupation Big Game Hunter
Family Ellis Warnington - Cousin
First Appearance "Life in the Can"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Life in the Can" to Present
Voiced by Izak Whear

Background Edit

Sergio Warrnington is Ellis Warrnington's (Warning Guy) Cousin and a recurring character on The Big Lez Show.

Sergio’s preferred weapon is a sniper rifle.

According to Clarence, Sergio is only person who talks him like a friend.

Season 2 Edit

Sergio isn't introduced until the Season 2 Episode 6 "Life in the Can". Sergio reveals to Lez and Sassy he is a big game hunter and he found a picture of a Choomah on a hunting forum and he wanted to kill it. He then asks Lez to help him exterminate the 'fuckin cunts' (the Choomah's) when a massive Choomah breaks through the wall where Sergio escapes along with Lez, Sassy's crew (minus Donny who avoided arrest) and Clarence in a truck driven by his cousin Ellis (Warning Guy). He stays back along with Wayno, Scruffy, Owly and Clarence to defend the city until Lez gets back from his voyage to Kingdom Cum.

Battle of Brown Town Edit

Sergio is featured in the battle of Brown Town. He helps Wayno, Donny, Scruffy and Owly kill a pack of Choomah's to rescue Ellis. Sergio wields a sniper rifle during the battle. He then escapes with the rest of the crew in the helicopter Mike Nolan stole after he hit the Volcano Bong.

Choomah Island 2 Edit

Sergio and his cousin Ellis co-pilot the plane to Choomah Island after smoking a joint of marijuana. After the crew parachuted out of the island Sergio and Ellis generally circle the plane around the island until the plane is destroyed by a Choomah and crash land. After the plane crash lands Sergio and Ellis come upon Cecil and his servant, a 'chicken nugget creature'. While Ellis fights Cecil, Sergio captures the chicken nugget creature in a net. Just before Cecil is about to kill Ellis , Sergio shoots Cecil in the shoulder giving Ellis enough time to sneak up behind Cecil and slit his throat killing him. Afterwards Sergio and Ellis meet up with Lez, who had just killed Norton. Ellis says they need to get off the island so they steal Norton's spaceship along with Cecil's dead body and the captured chicken nugget creature. They then meet up with the rest of the crew (minus Clarence) when the Island suddenly begins to rise and is revealed to be a giant Choomah. The giant Choomah then grabs the spaceship with Warning Guy and Sergio and chucks it away, the spaceship then slams into Ellis's lighthouse. Afterwards Lez asks Sergio and Warning Guy if they could return the spaceship.

Interestingly, Sergio is the only Main Character voiced by Izak Whear.