"Uuhhhh..I miss my shoes.."

- Scruffy


Gender Male
Hair White Body Hair

Place of Birth


Occupation Scruffy's Servo
Family None
First Appearance "The Volcano Bong "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "The Volcano Bong " to Present

Voiced by

Tom Hollis

Scruffy the Yeti is a friend of Sassy's and hangs out mainly with Sassy, Donny the Dealer, Wayno and Owly, he is around the same build and height as Sassy, with blonde hair/fur which covers his eyes, giving him a scruffy appearance


Little is known about Scruffy apart from he is always seen with the rest of the sasquatches, usually taking drugs (mostly weed) or ripping the volcano bong, he is usually picked on by the others, who make fun of him and usually get him to do tedious tasks, such as refilling the volcano bong

His largest role so far was in the arrest of the sasquatches, where he caught the attention of the police by throwing his shoes into the policeman car, causing them to get arrested and sent to prison for drug use and possession. Scruffy is the naive one of the group, possibly the youngest, and complains a lot

His first appearance is in the second episode "The Volcano Bong", where he is seen briefly refilling the volcano bong, he is not fully introduced to the series until series two's "Busted", where he is being picked on for forgetting his shoes. Scruffy is the smarts out of all the sasquatches as shown in the episodes 'Roof Skits Hangs' when Sassy and his crew are installing a satellite dish on the roof of their house.