"|- ! Place of Birth | Australia |- !Occupation i do not do drugs!! alcohol is a legal drug nicotine is a legel drug!! |- !Family our family are united and supportive of each other! |- !First Appearance |"The Volcano Bong " |- !Status |High af |- !Series lifespan |"The Volcano Bong " to Present |- !Voiced by |Cody Paxton-Hay |}

Owly is a recurring character on The Big Lez Show. He can frequently be seen alongside friends Sassy the Sasquatch, Donny the Dealer, Wayno and Scruffy gummy big nosed , but plays a significantly lesser role in the series than his compatriots, seldom having more than one line per episode appearance. But he did go to prison with Sassy, Wayne-O and Scruffy after they were arrested for drug possession and consummation which angers Owly and he starts yelling " Officer of Brown Town, telling him to save his breath and calling him a 'feathered fuck' . Owly also fought in the battle of Brown Town by dropping explosives on the choomahs to rescue Warning Guy from a massive pack of them.


Unlike his friends Sassy, Donny, Wayne-O and Scruffy (who are all sasquatches), Owly is an owl, as his name implies. Despite the excessive and hedonistic drug use of his friends, Owly is never depicted consuming any drugs in the series. However, in the Season 3 episode 'Skits Roof Hangs', his eyes are noticeably red while he and his compatriots are attempting to fix a satellite dish on the roof of Sassy's house, possibly implying that he had been smoking marijuana and a cigarette in his right wing. Furthermore, he is present with the others in the episode 'Volcano Bong', but is not explicitly depicted using the bong.

On the rare occasions that Owly speaks, his vocabulary is noticeably ridden with curse words, particularly the word 'fuck'. For example, in the Season 2 episode 'Busted', Owly becomes defensive after Sassy jokingly calls him a silly galah, saying "fuck off, I'm not a fucking galah, I'm a fucking owl, for fuck's sake."