Kingdom Cum
Kingdom Cum
Type Planet
Status Destroyed

Horizons End City

Horizons End City

Kingdom Cum is a planet which was ruled by King Larrinox and his two sons Leslie and Norton. It is currently destroyed. The people of Kingdom Cum (minus the 6) were killed in a massive Choomah outbreak. The planet itself was destroyed by King Larrinox, for reasons currently unknown. duffy hunter.

After its destruction only 6 people survived. Those 6 include Lez, Norton, King Larrinox, Clarence, Warning Guy and Sergio.

During 2 Seasons setting up and planning the UFO in the Volcano Bong, Lez, Sassy, Donny and Ellis were set to travel to find what has become of the destroyed Kingdom Cum today, which in return leaves Lez in despair.

The current ruler of Kingdom Cum is King Larrinox, with Cecil the Sasquatch as his heir. However, due to Cecil's capture and the death of Norton, one of Larrinox's two sons, the heir is now Larrinox's hot headed arch nemesis and second son; Big Lez. Ever since being banished by his father, due to him and Norton trashing Horizon's End city before the new King could be announced, Lez has awaited the day he will overthrow his abusive and evil father and claim the throne that is rightfully his, with his adopted son, Quinton, as his own successor.

The name “Kingdom Cum” is a clear reference to “Kingdom come”, which is from the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:10), where the Lord says "may Thy kingdom come".

The Lord’s kingdom is Heaven, so this means that the name “Kingdom Cum” represents the fact that this world is like Heaven or is Heaven.