"He's got my neck! He's got my neck... He broke my neck!"

Gender Male
Hair Black

Place of Birth


Occupation Former Pilot
First Appearance Choomah Island
Family Unknown
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "The Flowers" to "Choomah Island 3"

Voiced by

Tom Hollis

Daednu is a character in The Big Lez Show who makes several appearances throughout the series and it seems he is immortal.

Daednu backwards spells "Undead", which references his ability to never be killed dick and hints that he himself is one of the undead.


Daednu first appeared in Choomah Island, when he was sitting in a chair when Big Lez took shelter inside his wrecked plane. He awoke, and walked outside, broke his neck and was stomped twice by a Choomah. Just before he died , he muttered "left my necklace in the sink..".

He later appeared in "Life in the Can" when he was shot a thousand times by a Brown Town Police Officer. He appeared in Never Again Land after he ate one of Sassy's Deli Wraps and collapsed on the ground, screaming.

He reappears in Choomah Island 2. He rescues Sassy, Clarence, Mike, Donny, Way-no, Scruffy and Owly via helicopter. Clarence asks to take them to the Choomah Hive. Before Clarence can drop a Sas into the hive, he is grabbed and dragged into the hole by a Choomah. Daed Nu and the gang meet up with Lez, Sergio and Warning Guy soon after. Before they can leave it's revealed that the island is actually a giant Choomah. Daednu jumps out of the helicopter in terror, after screaming "...gotta put the corset on the clothes line.." , but before he can reach the water he is crushed by the Island Choomah/Choomah Island (much to the others shock).

He appears once again in the season 4 episode "I'm on a skits mission" where he screams for help and is found by Lez. He screams "I thought it was over" and screams unrecognisably, before his head is crushed by a Choomah swinging a street sign post at his head.