Choomah Island was an Island located in the pacific ocean. At times it served as the base of the Choomahs, Bumble Brutus, Cecil the Sasquatch, Norton and King Laranox.

The earliest record of Choomah Island is in Se 3 Ep 9; Potado Head, where Clarence revealed to big lez that he crash-landed on the island from space and then dropped the fragile case for his Kingdom Cum super-soldier formua down a hole, starting the Choomah outbreak which eventually lead to the Island becoming a base for the Choomahs, Cecil the Sasquatch and King Laranox. 

In CHOOMAH ISLAND 2 It was revealed that eventually the whole Island had become an Island Choomah, by far the biggest choomah ever seen so far and of a unique colour and body features. The island had been resting on it's back. Not long after it had risen up out of the sea and tried to squat Daednu's helicopter and Norton's spaceship containing Lez and the warnington brothers it was blown up by Clarence with a Sas-mate in the belly of the Choomah.