"What I want to know, is why you're on my fucking island!"

-Bumble Brutus
  Bumble Brutus
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Gender Male
Hair None

Place of Birth

Choomah Island

Occupation Second in Command of the Choomah Army
Family None
First Appearance "Choomah Island"
Status Deceased
Series lifespan Only appeared in "Choomah Island"

Bumble Brutus is a Choomah. He is second in command (after Cecil the Sasquatch).


Not much is known about Bumble Brutus. His yellow skin points out he is a Choomah, but unlike many Choomahs, Bumble Brutus can speak fluent English. He is very big, and also has a large stinger and a pair of wings. According to Cecil the Sasquatch, they had a close relationship as friends.

The fact that he can speak, and that he knew a lot of information shows that he could've been a serious antagonist. However, after knocking Leslie down in a brief duel, Brutus was killed when caught off guard with several blasts from Lez's shotgun, Dorris.