Brown Town is the imaginary suburb in which the majority of the main characters live. Choomah Island once existed off the coast of Brown Town in the Pacific Ocean, and was home to the violent and invasive species of yellow abominations known as Choomahs. However, after the events of Choomah Island 2, the island was revealed to be a Choomahviathan and destroyed by a SASM8 bomb activated by Clarence. The sentient island was annihilated but the Choomah race survived.

There is a Police Officer in Brown Town, and is rumored to be a cyborg.

Known Areas of Brown Town Edit

  • The Cul-De-Sac (Lez's House, Norton's House, Sasquatches' Shack)
  • Beachfront
  • Warning Guy's Lighthouse
  • Town Centre
  • Donny's Shop
  • Volcano Bong
  • Prison of Brown Town
  • Bush / Shooting Range (The Mike Nolan Show)
  • Crazy Steve's Construction Site (The Mike Nolan Show)
  • Mike Nolan's House (The Mike Nolan Show)
  • Clarence's Shack (The Mike Nolan Show)
  • RSL Club (The Mike Nolan Show)