"Doctor C, you're in early"

Gender Female
Hair Red

Place of Birth

Kingdom Cum

Occupation Scientist
Family None
First Appearance "POTADAHEAD "
Status Deceased
Series lifespan Only appeared in "POTADAHEAD "

Betty is just one of the many scientists that work with Doctor C in his lab, Betty looks after the test results in the lab whilst Doctor C is away.


Betty convinces Doctor C to go to one of his staff parties which seem to occur often. Betty is a bit cautious of C during his experiments and most likely wanted C to visit the staff party so she can have "lunch" with him.

After Glen reminds Doctor C that his office smells like shit, C checks out his office to find a yellow mixture spelt on the floor, as soon as C attempts to touch it, screaming and explosions are heard from the lab with Betty and the other scientists in shock to discover a "Potadahead" also known as Clarence. One of the scientists chuck Clarence and his research into an escape pod and ejects him far away onto planet Earth.

Betty, alongside every other Kingdom Kumian (minus Leslie Mackeral, Norton Sparkles, King Larrinox, Doctor C, Ellis Warnington and Sergio Warnington), was killed in the massive Choomah outbreak shortly after Lez and Norton's exile.

She is the first female to make a major appearance on the show.